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Sexy cougar porn

We all love cougars. Why? Because they know exactly what they want, and how they want it. Most of the time, they’re gagging for some young, fresh dick with great stamina. Do you want to bone a cougar, rip her pussy? She’s gagging for it. She’s gagging to suck and ride your cock until you explode all over her. Do you want to give her a good facial shot? Or pound and spank her ass while she screams with pleasure? The fantasy of the cougar is something most men have. The idea of penetrating an older lady, who knows exactly what she wants, and wants it hard. What’s more, cougars make great dates - they’re sexy, they look good, and they can take care of themselves. The challenge though, is satisfying these insatiable sluts. But what makes a cougar a cougar? There are 7 tell-tale signs: 1. A cougar is over 35 years old, with thinning hair, thin lips, and enamel erosion on her teeth. 2. Cougars wear lipstick, so watch out for lipstick on your cock. 3. Cougars often wear tight clothes to show that they still have what it takes to seduce younger men. 4. Cougars are confident, relaxed and dominant. They are not afraid to make eye contact, to make the first move, and take control. 5. Cougars know what you want! But don’t forget to lavish her with attention as well - make sure you listen to what she wants so that, in turn, she will be more attentive to your cock. 6. Cougars may be lonely and rich - if so, all the better to fuck her, she might reward you afterwards! 7. Cougars are desperate and horny - they want you so bad, their pussies are dripping wet before you touch them. If you want to get inspired for some cougar action, check out our videos. Watch our cougar porn videos, showcasing the best cock-sucking, ass-fucking, rug-munching sex action you could want!
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