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Facesitting - Darling, come and sit on my face

Facesitting is the act of a woman literally squatting or sitting on the face of her partner. In cunnilingus this can be a fantasy for many individuals. If you have ever thought that it might be awesome to have someone sit on your face as a fantasy, this could be a great way to picture some of the hottest porn actresses in the world doing just that. Facing porn is popular amongst amateurs and amongst professional porn artists. If you have never done this in real life and you have always thought about doing it with a partner or a friend, you should check out just how well it works in some of these amazing scenes from some of the top porn studios in the world. Check out why facing is so amazing and just what it can do for a woman. As you will find out from many of these porn actresses amateurs facesitting can bring on a whole new wave of pleasure during foreplay or during a moment of passion. Imagine just how fun and exhilarating this might be to try with your partner after watching these clips! Another part of facesitting that people enjoy is the powerless nature. If a person really wanted to keep you pinned down they certainly could in this position and this makes it a popular fetish for those that are interested in submission. Check out some new ideas for facesitting in HD from Pornrox and remember that doing this may take a bit of fun and exercise. As you will see in many of the facesitting clips on the site, this is an excellent position for a threesome. You can make sure that one girl or actresses well occupied while the other one attends to your cock. As a result there is a huge number of fun clips of threesomes as well as facesitting in the 69 position too. These videos are bound to keep you well interested and they'll be continuing to update almost every week. Imagine seeing the glory of facesitting in HD quality! This is exactly what you can do on Pornrox and remember that all of these videos are also available in HD quality on your smart phone, tablet device and on any traditional computer browser as well. If love facesitting videos and you want to see many of them, check back on our site often to see all of the latest clips!
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