Hairy Porn Videos (2091)


For those seasoned porno lovers, the sight of a hairy pussy is nothing new. So let’s delve into the world of hairy pussies… Where women are not afraid to proudly show off their natural bushes. Before, there wasn’t even a niche demand for hairy porn! In a way, because a hairy pussy is so natural, that there wasn’t any need to make it a special category on its own! And, in fact, it was the soft, clean shaven pussy that was different. A hairless pussy? That was something naughty, deviant. But back in the 70s, it was totally normal for pornstars to rock their natural bush. Slowly, pussy fashion began to change. And it was particularly noticeable after the 80s. Hairy pussy was still popular, but it was slowly being eclipsed by the trimmed pussy. Women began to take pride in taming their wild bushes. As with every fashion trend, changes took place. Slowly, women favoured the landing strip look, carefully sculpted whilst retaining a natural look, before slowly favouring the completely bald pussy look. This transition didn’t just occur in the porno world though, it was a general trend among women. Pussy haircare became an industry in itself! Women started experimenting with shaving and waxing all over the world. By now, most women prefer to have little or no hair. And what dominates is shaven pussies… But what about the guys who love a good, healthy bush? It is almost as if the hairy pussy has gone into extinction!! But thankfully, fashion is ever-changing. A noticeable come back of the natural bush has been occurring. Hairy pussies of the world unite! Women sporting their hairy gashes are no longer afraid to show them off. But we cannot predict how long this will go on for. So make the most of our hairy porn section, and indulge in your animal preference for a natural pussy. Get stuck into the bush.