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Toys haven’t always been popular in the porn industry. Toys can sometimes be a hazard for our overly enthusiastic pornstars. It even had its own little crisis period. Most adult toys are made from plastic. Previously, there was some controversy with Phthalates. Phthalates is not the name of a Greek hero, although it certainly resembles that, but softeners made from plastic, that are then used to make the jelly in adult sex toys. Think of your butt plug, vibrator and dildo… they’re all made from this. But research has suggested that Phthalates might be harmful to our health. There isn’t sufficient proof though. So until then, we should keep using our sex toys, but carefully though, because one thing’s for sure, they give us a fuckload of pleasure! Have you discovered an old sex toy, one that you thought you forgot about, and you found it sweating? Do you know what that means? Luckily, the sex toy industry is becoming more responsible and creating more awareness about the safety of adult sex toys. So just stay clear of Phthalates, and enjoy other varieties of adult sex toys. Use silicone ones - you will still get massive orgasms, but without the dangers! You only deserve the best sex toy! So play it safe, keep lubed up, and enjoy the ride. It’s fun. It’s pleasurable. It’s the best kind of toy invented.